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GatorTuff for every lifestyle

  • Durability

    GatorTuff's patent-pending construction utilizes the same technology that protects our troops and the Pentagon. All on an ice chest that's about the same price as what you put in it.

  • Amazing Strength

    It's not indestructible, but you'll think it is. The unique, polyurea coating helps protect your cooler and its contents from the elements. GatorTuff can support up to 700 pounds and still return undamaged to its original shape.

  • Wherever you go...

    Poolside, fireside, to the beach or to the golf course, GatorTuff gets you there. It's lightweight, durable, and attractive. You pick the colors you want on your GatorTuff. Whether you're matching your company's colors or showing off team spirit, GatorTuff gives you the style and durability you want at a price anybody can afford.

  • America Proud

    Every GatorTuff is 100% Made in America. American product, American innovation. We're proud to be a homemade product for homegrown fun. GatorTuff is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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